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class up date

  1. NavyIT101

    07 MAR OCS 2021

    Starting the thread for this class date. The class is currently about 50% full as of today.
  2. E

    OCS Class Date while still in college

    I was just wondering would have a timeline as to how long it would take you to get an OCS Class Date while you're still in college? I am graduating in May, and if I get picked up right around January/February, would it be possible for me to head to OCS a couple weeks after graduation, or am I...
  3. O

    August 18, 2019 OCS Class

    Good morning! Just figured I’d go ahead and start this thread for the August 18th class as I haven’t seen one made yet. I was selected for SWO. Let’s crush these next 3 months so we can kick ass at OCS! Congratulations to everyone!
  4. Kelsey Mullen

    29 JAN 2017

    Good afternoon All, I didn't see a thread for this class-up date yet! Got my FINSEL yesterday. So excited. :) Chime in as you get your FINSELs for this date.