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intel boad

  1. Joe099

    OCS Application Issues. Insight Welcome!

    Hello, I started my OCS adventure August 2016. I knew I was interested in the Navy officer program but I was 250lbs so I took a year to get healthy. August 2017, I took the OAR with a 56 on the first try so the recruiter told me not to retake it. (I forgot a good deal of my math education and...
  2. Mark I

    USNR IWC Interviews

    Hello All: New to the forum, but a long-time lurker. Have always appreciated how supportive and responsive everyone on here is and I was hoping those in the know might be able to provide some info from their own experiences about the interview process. I am scheduled to interview in late July...
  3. E

    Intel Competitiveness

    I am currently in the beginning stages of going through the OCS application process. I'm looking to do intel if possible, but I understand that it is one of the more competitive designators to get. From what I've read, only about 10-15% of applicants get this designator. My recruiter has told me...