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before ocs

  1. Joe099

    OCS Application Issues. Insight Welcome!

    Hello, I started my OCS adventure August 2016. I knew I was interested in the Navy officer program but I was 250lbs so I took a year to get healthy. August 2017, I took the OAR with a 56 on the first try so the recruiter told me not to retake it. (I forgot a good deal of my math education and...
  2. Demi Durkin

    NPQ After Swearing in/before OCS

    Hi All, I am an OCS applicant who has already completed her flight physical. I am waiting for a determination on a waiver; however, I've been told by my flight surgeon that it could take up to 10 months. I should have a PRO REC Y at minimum before then, if not a FINSEL. My recruiter told me...