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Mythbusters to take on: PLANE ON A TREADMILL!!


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Don't need planning or foils though. My boat, built in 1988, usually sails with apparent wind at the beam or forward. That is of course assuming I'm not F#%%$ing things up.

Now, if you put a sailboat on a treadmill...
Is that a Tornado? I've sailed/raced a Nacra 5.2 and a singlehanded 18sq. meter.


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On that note Swanee, how about cockpit and canopy heating?
No heat.

most folks wear layers and try to minimize the amount of time they're sweating their ass off on the ground.

Battery powered heated undergarments are nice. I've had the socks for a few years (it seems that your feet get cold first) and my wife bought me some base layers from thewarmingstore.com fir Christmas last year. I haven't been able to use them yet, but if they're like the socks, it will seriously cut down how much I wear (and how much I sweat on the ground.)