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Motivational Statement MEGA Thread


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Given you are going aviation you could leave it as is, unless you have or need waivers or have low GPA they won't look at your application that hard past the ASTB and GPA.
I have one medical waiver but no issues legal waiver wise or any trouble with the law in any way. GPA was 3.19 and I do have some solid LORs. Hopefully that does it.


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I have read some conflicting views on this, so I'll ask the question and hopefully someone with some recent insight can enlighten me.

Should the statement be written for Navy Officer or specific job title as a Navy Officer ie. Pilot, SWO, etc.?

I'm personally leaning toward the former but I'm wondering if the latter would be more appropriate and advantageous to be competitive per individual board.


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So I have totally re-done my statement please take a look and let me know if there are any improvements I could make! Trying to have my recruiter resubmit my package!

Ever since a young age, I have had the desire to serve in the United States Armed forces; specifically the United States Navy. Throughout my life I have had multiple leadership opportunities and life lessons to assist me in obtaining this goal. From growing up on our family farm, to earning my bachelor's degree from Illinois State University, to leading a team of seventy personnel; each and every one of these experiences has helped hone in my desire, need and passion to join the United States Navy.

I grew up on a family farm in the Midwest where I had many opportunities throughout my young adult life to learn the importance of hard work and taking care of something other than myself. This included being given many opportunities to lead my peers in clubs such as 4-H and FFA, all while holding different leadership positions. During high school I was given the chance to attend class service trips to different Civil War and European Battlefields. While there, I helped restore American Soldiers headstones, and cared for the grounds in which they rested. This experience only cemented my desire, need and aspirations to serve my country and its people.

Upon graduation of high school, I attended Illinois State University working towards a degree in Agricultural Business and Business Administration. Throughout this time in college, I worked to further hone my leadership abilities by holding multiple leadership positions in clubs and internships. Through these rolls, I was given the ability to constructively critique myself and learn how to successfully lead teams; may they be of diverse backgrounds, different ages, or of different views. I learned to successfully motivate them each to reach and achieve common goals. Upon graduation I took a position with Target in Distribution Operations Management leading and motivating a team of seventy direct reports to meet and exceed daily production and safety goals.

During my two years of working with Target, I still hold the yearning and need to become a part of the United States Navy as a Naval Aviator. I constantly worked to make my dream become a reality. Through my experience of growing up on a farm, too interning with both large and small businesses, holding leadership positions in clubs throughout my young adult life and then to leading a team of seventy direct reports; I know I will be of value to the Navy with my strong work ethic and desire to work in a field I truly want to be a part of and serve with. I was always told and encouraged to follow my dreams. I never quit striving towards my goal, and have worked my hardest to achieve my dream. This is what I strive to bring to the Navy.

Hey everyone, If you guys wouldn't mind please take a look at my motivational statement. I will be applying for SNA. Thank you!

Throughout my life I have always put my country first. My search to continually serve my country has led me to hear the call of service once again, this time in the world’s finest Navy. The Navy’s core values of honor, courage, and commitment are virtues that I deeply believe in and have demonstrated in my life through prior experiences. I hope to continue to display these values through service in the United States Navy as an Aviator.

Becoming an Aviator in the Navy is something that I have been striving for all of my life. I can remember being a child and going to the airshow at NAS Willow Grove, it was something I looked forward to each and every year. The sounds and the sights were something that left me in awe year after year no matter how many times I went.

As I got older and went off to college, I knew that I lacked the discipline to become a Naval Aviator. I knew I needed to make a change in my life to make myself worthy of Naval Aviation, so I decided to enlist in the United States Army as an Infantryman. During my time in the Army I excelled at my job, constantly exceeding standards which led to me becoming an essential part of the Platoon. As a result, I was waivered for an early promotion to E4. During my deployment to Afghanistan I was relied upon countless times in combat as the Platoon’s Radio Telephone Operator. It was my job to relay accurate and timely information and to help track all the moving pieces of a combat operation which often included air assets. It was then that I was reminded of the true power of Naval Aviation. A show of force from an air asset we had on station could stop an impending ambush dead in its tracks; without even firing a shot an ambush could be diverted, potentially saving American lives. Each display of airpower left me in awe the same way the air shows did when I was a child.

Upon my arrival back from my deployment I was promoted to a Team Leader and I found myself in constant opportunities to challenge my team, myself, and my peers. I took advantage of each opportunity to continually learn and better myself. When it was time for me to leave the Army and attend college I knew that I had fully given myself to this great country. Through extremely hard work, I knew that I had left the Army a better man and one that possessed the proper discipline and mental fortitude required to become a potential future Naval Aviator.
During college I interned at the Federal Reserve System which is responsible for safeguarding and promoting a strong economy for the United States. Upon graduation, was offered a full-time position. I found myself enjoying the opportunity and enjoying the stable lifestyle it provided. I always knew that while I enjoyed it for the time being I would yearn for a challenge and the opportunity to join an elite force. Achieving my childhood goal of becoming a Naval Aviator is a lifestyle that I know will continually push me to my best. There is nothing more in this world that I want than the opportunity to prove to myself and loved ones that I belong with the world’s best pilots.

Through adversity and challenge I have been molded into a competent leader that I can only hope is worthy of being offered a chance to become a part of the most elite flying force the world has ever known. Whether it was my time in the Army rucking through the mountainous terrain of Afghanistan or at work for the nation’s economy at the Fed, I have always put my country first. I hope to continue to serve our great nation and put country first as a Naval Aviator.