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FY 20 IWC DCO Board


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weird, that's what I was told we are waiting for - but I also thought that was odd since I know it could take upwards of a year or two for a clearance.
That might be the verbage they used but the only thing that needs to "come through" is confirmation that you are clear for an open/active clearance investigation to be started. (Ppl could fail the pre-screen in theory)


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Your SSBI for TS/SCI can take up to and over a year to adjudicate. My last PR took 1.5 years from start to finish and I’ve had a clearance for well over 10 years.

OPM is digging deeper and is much more thorough than they once were. On my last PR I was asked some stuff that happened 15 years ago.

Exercise some patience.
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Spoke with my office - they were expecting the FINSEL to come through today or tomorrow, and the COMDOCS about a week after that. I'm likely going to be commissioning at the same time that my oldest brother pins on Major in the USMC just after the New Year. Planning on having the new Major administer the oath, while our middle brother (ENS in the USN Medical Corps) reads the commissioning document.
My COMDOCs are in an my commissioning is set for the first week of January. That date being so far out is purely my choice and is no delay by the process.

My retired Master Chief father insisted my first salute better be in uniform so I have SDBs ready to go. I hope I’ll pass his inspection :)
Ceremony was last week. Awesome to have my mentor fly in to administer the oath, and my dad give me my first salute.

For anyone that reads this later on and is thinking about whether or not to do it, my vote is yes. It was great to gather with folks and thank them for being instrumental in the my growth to enable the commissioning. Plus buy them food and drinks afterwards. 😀


My CoC has been emailing me for two months and I never received the emails since they were going to my now defunct civilian NMCI address. How embarrassing for me. CO was understanding when I explained the situation. Hoping to drill next month.


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Hi I just wanted to introduce myself. I started the process this year for IWC/IP. Waiting to do my MEPS soon hopefully everything goes alright. My recruiter has told me the next board is March but there is a good chance I won't have everything ready on time. Aiming for August board. I am also studying for the OAR.


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I told my recruiter I was willing to go active duty and was invited to take the OAR but i told him I would like to prepare myself first since I haven't taken a college math course in 12 years. i understand i would instead go to OCS at the point if selected. I'm not sure how that works since i submitted my initial forms for ODS.