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Fall 2021 AMDO Board


El Señor de los Cielos
Does the 6th just say FY XX, that means either they have submitted for another designator that they listed 1st and AMDO 2nd or their is another issue. Dashboard has FY 22 shipping goal of 22 with 12 of those already attained (at or completed OCS).

FY 23 will start shipping to OCS mid July 2022.
That is exactly the case that one says FY22 as well as the rest with TAOC 198, those all say FY22


New Member
I have tried all effort to check the result, I could not access the officers accession, it was given me access denied. Can someone help me out, please?


New Member
I have seen results on Sat and Sun for different communities. The Memo was officially released on 17 Nov (stamped). It just happened to be posted today about an hour ago.
Could you send me the results? I was told I’m on it but I cannot access MPTE. Thank you.


I messaged my recruiter and he said he hasn't seen anything yet. Is there something different they are sent to let them know results are out?

Nii Ayitey

New Member
For those that were selected, Big congratulations and well deserved.

If you were not selected this time, don't give up, keep your head above your shoulders and get to work on your package for the next upcoming board 18Mar22 (packages due 18Feb22)