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Fall 2021 AMDO Board


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For those that were selected, Big congratulations and well deserved.

If you were not selected this time, don't give up, keep your head above your shoulders and get to work on your package for the next upcoming board 18Mar22 (packages due 18Feb22)
AMDO is now coded as yellow on the dashboard, need to contact the program manager before proceeding with an application for the March board.


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What does "coded as yellow on the dashboard" exactly imply?

That the designator is very close to being filled for the current FY, for instance prior to this board there were 15 selections needed between the Nov and March AMDO board, but the Nov board picked 14, that means they may not need the March AMDO board depending on if anyone drops between selection and OCS. It will be months before they know which direction they go.


Congrats all who were selected!! I was also selected however I would like to talk with an AMDO. Have you guys talked with anyone from the AMDO community?