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  1. StewburnerCS1

    Enlisted "Whole Sailor" OCS/LDO advice

    Hello all, First time posting here, and with the "whole sailor/person" concept of evaluating potential I apologize if I include info here which is not pertinent to Commissioning Programs that's in part what i'm trying to decipher. I am a 28 yr old CS1(SW) I have been in the Navy...
  2. D


    ALCON, Per Mr. Ted Williams, attached is the latest and greatest checklist. Apparently they have been submitting updates to NPC for the past 2 years but their inputs/requests have fallen on def ears. V/r, YNX(AW)
  3. Robert Washington

    LDO help

    Hello all! I'm eligible to take the Chief exam next year (January 2017) for the 681X Information Warefare Limited Duty Officer (LDO) program. My question for the thread: what can I do to boost my LDO package for next year? Here are my stats: I'm a CTR1 that's been in for seven years...