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Coast Guard DCIO (Direct Commission Intelligence Officer)


Fully Qualified 1815
Just spoke to my landlard about this and he confirmed that the Coast Guard are doing direct commissions at the rank of O-3 (himself included), but not just for Intel but billets similar to IP as well.
The USCG Intel-O's I know definitely more of a hybrid INTEL/CWO/IP.


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I don’t disagree but I am pretty sure the IWC LDO program is gone or going away. No more 6835’s (Intel LDO) - I went to DCOIC with the last one.
We just had the LDO CWO brief this weekend. They dont seem to be going away, but are very undermanned. They wanted like 36 last year and got 17. Ill try and find the slides.


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Have you thought about IST?

Also, if you want to do IP/cyber stuff, the USAF and AFCYBER do the most (and spend a lot).
Yeah, I've thought about the Interservice Transfer to the Air Force Reserve. I helped someone (A Reserve Intel officer who is atty on the day side) do this because Navy Reserve JAG, back when we did this, said he could not change designators to JAG unless he was previously an active duty JAG. The Air Force Reserve welcomed him with open arms. Process was pretty easy, but, he was an O3 at the time.