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  1. P

    Impacting my future chance?

    I recently applied for SWO and SNA. I was picked up for SNA, but not SWO. While I understand this selection is an incredible opportunity, I have to consider all of the options. I applied to grad school and was recently accepted into my dream Masters program. I am wondering if it would harm my...
  2. musclesloading

    STA-21 IP Program

    Hello everyone! I am 31, have been in the Navy for almost 13 years, E-5, and am finally fully convinced to apply for an Officer Program. I am currently researching and preparing my package for the STA-21 IP/Core Program options. I am looking for insight on those specific designations. Anyone...

    OCS with forearm tattoo?

    So I've found a couple threads about this already but most of them were during the old tattoo regulations and one guy had previous active duty experience, so I thought I'd ask for myself. I have three tattoos and they are all about the size of my hand, two of them are hidden by a T-shirt but one...
  4. R

    Question regarding high school/college transcripts - STA-21

    Hey all! Pretty new to this forum but have dug pretty deep to find gouges, info, etc. I'm putting together my package for FY18 and haven't had any luck with finding out my transcript question. I have gathered all my transcripts but don't understand how they shall be put in the package itself...
  5. Noel Dandoy

    USMC Enlisted to OCS? opinions and thoughts

    Greetings all, this is my first ever post here so please bear with me and let me introduce some personal details. I'm 19 years old and currently finishing up my sophomore year of community college. I have just been accepted to a handful of CSUs and UCs and will be transferring out this fall. I...
  6. I

    Does Masters matter or not?

    Is a masters in cyber security relevant to trying to commission into the navy or navy reserve? I have a bachelors in biology with a minor in computer information systems but my GPA does not stack up too well I believe, as it is low. I plan on starting this program in the summer and want to see...
  7. K

    Coast Guard DCIO (Direct Commission Intelligence Officer)

    After trying a Navy Direct Commision board for Intel competing against over 300 applicants (only 14 selected) I decided to look around some more. A lot of my Navy friends suggested I try the Coast Guard. I was skeptical at first but was pleasantly surprised to find that the Coast Guard's...