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geez.....the ammount of time some people have amazes me......everybody get up, leave your computer room or desk, and go have a coke and a smile...so much hatred!!!!


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With about 500 carrier landings from both the left and right seats, I have dealt with flight deck crew. Many have earned my respect. My enlisted aircrew that have worked their butts off, many times without any complaints, and have also earned my respect. They earned the right to have attitudes but most never did, they knew their strengths and felt no need to flaunt it. So I do respect those types who earned it.

As for your tude, TSPO, I see your type all the time. Usually it's the student entering my office for their 3rd or 4th down. They may have the talent but their superiority complex leads to complacency and they believe they can get by with little effort. Reality is always a bit different than dreamland. Right now, you're in la-la, not even a flight student but you have an attitude like you've been through the ringer. You haven't, I gaurantee it.

I'm also one of the most laid back IP's at the FRS. However, if something smells like ****, looks like ****, it's usually ****. **** is something I don't put up with and I am more than willing to call it. Whether you are just trying to stir the pot or are serious, you have a serious attitude problem and are acting like a punk. It's that simple. I don't pull rank or talk about rank on the net, especially being a little O-4, it's lame at best. However there are alwasy exceptions to the rule that I'm willing to excercise. So TSPO, would like me to pull rank? It would be a first for me, let me know.


ooh boy

LOL spsiratt, pansy. Nice work, buddy, let them Navy boys tell you that Air Force pilots are inferior. Give me a break, you aren't Air Force, you're gonna be a Navy pilot. A word of advice to you, practice your landings, but more importantly, practice your ass kissin.

Really now, if I had hatred for aviators and officers, then why would I turn down an engineering career to be an Air Force Officer? No hatred for the aviators, it was mostly just envy back then. Really, the meat of what I've said is that I don't like the Navy uniforms, they don't train better aviators, they treat their enlisted like sh1t, I didn't like my job but I excelled at it, and I don't like to be told that my accomplishments don't merit a valid opinion. So where is all of the hatred and anger at? I don't feel it, and I don't see it in my posts, either. If you guys can't take it that I stand by my opinion that the Air Force provides a better opportunity and a better quality of life for the whole force, then so be it. Just don't mistake my comments for bitterness at the Navy as a whole.

Wink, you can think what you will about how I'll fare in UPT, I did pretty well in ROTC, while I enjoyed it, and I did pretty well in the Navy, while I didn't enjoy it. As for the aviator's respect for the green shirts: never once did I have a pilot tell me thanks, but I was corrected once for having a dirty uniform on the mess decks, by a pilot no less. Am I bitter about that, not any more, I've learned from it. Alot of the leadership principles I've learned were learned by example, long before I entered AFROTC. By learning what not to do from watching many of my superiors in the Navy. For example, what you don't do is tell a guy that's working his rear off to get the cat ready for launch that he has to stay up after work because the airmen responsible for cleaning the spaces he's responsible for didn't get the brass shiny enough for the CO walkthrough. Give me a break, the CO knows that the brass isn't always shiny, so get your nose out of his ass and let me get some freakin sleep. And no, this is not one instance I'm bitter about, it's an example of business as usual during my time in the Navy. Was I worried about doing the hard work on the Cat? No. It was all of the bs that went along with the Cat officers BFing their crew in order to enhance their careers by brownnosing the CO. Now, I'm also not naive, I'm sure that this goes on in the Air Force as well, but it won't happen to my crew. As a pilot (to be, kevin), I won't take on a leadership role for awhile, but when I do, I won't be more worried about my personal agenda then taking care of my troops. Spsiratt, you can apologize for me all you want, but if I was your boss, you'd be glad to have a guy like me, someone who is willing to get your back and stand by what I believe. There are jobs that have to get done to support the mission, and there are jobs that have to get done to support the commander. The mission should be the priority, and in the my experience in the Navy, that wasn't always the case. If it came down to a floor not being cleaned or a man getting a rest, the floor had to be clean. That, in my opinion, is a poor way to treat your troops, and I'm thankful to have learned from it. I started these posts with a semi-serious comment about Navy uniforms and UPT, now look, you guys made me break out my opinions on why the Navy has made me a better leader. I'm just glad that I've now been granted the career path that may enable me to change things someday.

After reading through what I've just written, I'm sure that some of you will see this as more bitterness, and maybe that won't be completely unwarranted. I can say that the mission of the Navy is necessary and valuable. I can also say that our Navy is the best in the world, as is our Air Force, and I'm proud to have served in both branches. Perhaps I do reserve a certain amount of bitterness for the Navy leadership that I was unfortunate enough to work under.
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They're a weird team.


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TSPO, good luck with you application process. I have never met an officer in my life that didn't appreciated the work that the enlisted ranks do. Our OIC is always thanking us for busting our butts to keep those birds flying. If you were prior enlisted and have a vendetta against some puke who disrespected you 1. Let it go 2. Don't even think about re-enterring service as an officer ready to bitch out the enlisted guys. I work with someone like you who thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread just because he got picked up for 2nd class first time up. Now if you're anything like he is, there is no way in hell that you will gain the respect of your peers or subordinates by treating people lower in rank than you like crap.


24 April OCS
TSPO, you have way too much time on your hands. Maybe you should jump on that dash 1 and quit spending so much time whining about how badly you were treated in the Navy. *sniff* I'm cryin' for ya, Sensitive Sally. I've never really heard anyone on these forums try to tell me, or anyone else for that matter, that AF pilots are inferior. Honestly, I wouldn't care if they did. It's really a childish "my dad can kick your dad's ass" kind of argument. Does anyone really care? I like to think it's just everyone being proud of their respective service. It's good, it's healthy. People like you bitchin' and moanin' like a whore whose pimp bitchslapped her for the last time are what make these conversations tiresome. I would not like to have you for a boss, not becuase I think you would treat enlisted folks poorly, on the contrary. You've made it very clear that you would look out for your troops and I believe you, but I think you would do it for the wrong reasons. Too much negative vibe from you. As for the remark about me not being AF... I'm third generation AF, nine years active. I'll always love the AF for what it's meant to me (perhaps a little less with you in it), but I'm proud to be going Navy. I hope the AF works out for you, but I have to agree with the others here, I think your attitude is gonna kick you in the sack. Until then, keep replying with your hapless attempt at witty banter and... I'm too tire for this, blow me.

Oh yeah, and I'm not going to be a pilot. Learn to read, 'tard.


Hey there! I thought this topic had died, glad to see you checked up on us last night, pansy. Somehow I knew that you couldn't let that little pilot/nfo error go. I thought about editing it after I caught it, but I decided to see what would come of it, and you did not disappoint. Too much time? You're damn right about that one. Casual status is not very fulfilling, thats for sure. I guess you may know this, if you had been accepted to AF OTS.

Finally, a well-written and humorous post from one of the sailors. Figures, came from a sailor wannabe Air Force dude. I just might like you after all, pansy. I am a little confused by those last sentances though. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe hapless means unlucky, or unfortunate, something along those lines. I guess the sentance just seems a little confusing, "hapless attempt at witty banter", does "unlucky attempt at witty banter" sound right? Anyway, it may not have been the most grammatically correct of sentances, but I got your point. You really like reading my posts, but are a little uncomfortable about it.

You know, pansy, I could do the whole quote thing and show you several instances where the inferiority of Air Force pilots was either stated or implied, but somehow, I don't think it would mean a whole lot to you. While you may have a bit of fire in your gut, it seems that you've given up on the Air Force after being shot down for OTS a few times (I'm making an assumption, I know, please forgive me if I overstep my bounds)

Now here's a serious question for you. I'll assume that you are a SSgt; 9 years in, switching to the Navy, probably didn't make Tech yet. Regardless, you are an NCO, and in a leadership role. Just what exactly would be a "wrong" reason for looking out for your troops? To earn their respect? That would be terrible. Maybe to ensure that they get what they deserve, good or bad? Nobody likes to get what they deserve. I'm sorry, I just can't come up with a wrong reason for looking out for your guys. Ever hear anyone say "oh man, I can't stand Lt Navy, he's a good guy, and he works his ass off, but he does it for the wrong reasons." Bet not. Ok, you don't want to admit that I could be a respected or liked, maybe because I've inflamed you hemorrhoids a little, I get it. Well guess what, I'm not going away. Whether it burns your ass or not, I got what you wanted, and I'll excel at it, just like everything else I do. Cocky, whatever. Arrogant, say what you will. Confident, absolutely. The single most important trait a UPT student can have is confidence. If it is your opinion that I have too much, then maybe you don't have enough.

You'll like the Air Force a little less with me in it? I'm happy that you were so easily swayed to change your opinion about an entire branch of service by the ramblings of a character on an internet forum. I could be a high school kid with a big brother in the Navy, for all you know, or I could be some dude sitting at home in his stained underwear watching discovery channel and posting here just to piss you people off. Guess what. I got under your skin simply by writing these posts. My motivation? I do it to pass the time, hopefully I've written something provoking enough that you'll reply to it. These forums have become so damn boring with all the "what are my chances" crap, or the "help I need a prk waiver" blah blah. Pretty soon, I'll start phase one, I'll go away, and you'll still be talking about me, just like wintersibs. That is if Patmack doesn't boot me first, I'm surprised he's let it go on this long after our last conversation.

Anyway, good luck at your OCS and backseater training. I hope you learn to take the heat, because if you get pissed off at an internet site, I'm worried about ya.


Oh me, I got all caught up with Pansy and I forgot to comment on SteveD's post. Now that's the spirit. Very funny, Army of One. That cracks me up.


if this is what you do to pass time youre a loser...get a new hobby...try porn, that seems to work for my roommate, hahaha.


Been there, (PNS) Done that.
Originally posted by TSPO

Anyway, it may not have been the most grammatically correct of sentances, but I got your point.

Ok, you don't want to admit that I could be a respected or liked, maybe because I've inflamed you hemorrhoids a little, I get it.

Yea, I get your point too. I didn't realize the words you and your could be used interchangeably. Am I correct to assume that you left that mistake in there so that someone could catch it?



That's the point kevin.

All I've got to say to you, BDCPUAH, is you are reading and posting, too. What is that, 317 posts, and counting?

Ahh, very nice, olpa, didn't catch that one. Thanks.

Although, I will have to say that it is generally a little more acceptable to make typing errors than to use the wrong word out of context. Kind of like yea and yeah.
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