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  1. Chippewa19

    Timeline and is PRK still preferred?

    I wear glasses and my prescription is within the NAMI standards to get PRK or LASIK out of pocket. (-3.25, -3.0) I am starting the application process for PLC-Air and I was planning on having the surgery this spring so I have a 6+ month window for everything to check out before MEPS and NAMI...
  2. Kevin leslie

    Questions about >PLC (Aviation Contract)

    Good afternoon, My name is Kevin Leslie I am fresh out of highschool and taking my first collage courses at a community collage before I transfer to Massachusetts Maritime Academy, (IACBE: Bachelor of Science in International Maritime Business.) I had a uncle who was a NFO in the ea-6b...
  3. I

    (Opinion) AFROTC vs. PLC Air

    Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to start by thanking everyone who answers questions and shares their experiences of military aviation and their lives as officers on this forum. I have been reading here over the last few months and it has helped me greatly in every step of the...
  4. Noel Dandoy

    USMC Enlisted to OCS? opinions and thoughts

    Greetings all, this is my first ever post here so please bear with me and let me introduce some personal details. I'm 19 years old and currently finishing up my sophomore year of community college. I have just been accepted to a handful of CSUs and UCs and will be transferring out this fall. I...
  5. Tandog

    ASTB A synopsis of the ASTB for the new guys and girls.

    I took the ASTB since I am a PLC aviation candidate in the DFW, TX area. Last week, I passed the exam with a 52/6/6/7; it was my second (and most likely final) attempt. Here is a brief synopsis of how the test went: 1. Leave any calculators, phones, smart watches, etc. outside of the testing...
  6. Tandog

    I take the ASTB in a week...

    It's my second time to take the ASTB for the USMC PLC program. What is a good way to mentally prepare for the HOTUS throttle and joystick test? That was the ONLY thing I failed last time. Any advice is helpful.