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14NOV22 SWO Board


Well-Known Member
GPA: 3.23 History

Age: 23

OAR: 50

LOR: Scoutmaster/Retired Fire Chief, Retired Police Sergeant, Former boss at current employer, Federal Postal Inspection Agent. All of which have known me for 5+ years and can write very strongly about me

Extracurriculars: Vice President of College Boxing Club (elected by 150+ members), Eagle Scout, Elected to Order of the Arrow (national honor society of Boy Scouts), highly proficient in Spanish and Japanese. Worked throughout college, sometimes working 2 jobs at once.

Clean criminal and clean driving record.


New Member
GPA: 2.9 (1 year left of school) Criminal Justice

Age: 22

OAR: 59

LOR: Dean of my school’s Criminal justice department, police chief for local city that I had an internship with, family friend that is a retired AF captain

Extracurriculars: Internship with US Marshal Service and Local police department. Boy Scouts for 10 years (got to Life scout and had to quit because it interferes with highschool sports). I’m involved in 3 different intramural sports at my school


New Member
Good evening leaders,
Applying for: SWO
Appraisals: O-6 (SWO) O-5 (SWO) and O-5 (SUPPO) all 10s
LOR: 1 from O-6 1 from O-4 2 from college professors
OAR: 39 (Waiver Submitted)
JSOY and JSOQ for FY-21
GPA: 3.72
Major: Criminal Justice W/Focus in Homeland Security

I am preparing to submit for the November SWO board. Good luck to everyone applying!


GPA: 3.34 Bsc. Psychology, double minor Criminal Justice and English; 3.52 MSc. Forensic Speech Sciences

Age: 25

OAR: 46

LOR's: CMSgt in the AF (I am not prior service); previous graduate dissertation supervisor, professors, and an undergraduate mentor

Extracurriculars: international volunteering in Ghana, internship at a special needs center, teaching experience, TEFL certification, Spanish certification

Clean criminal record and medical record, no waivers. Applying SWO only.