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1,001 questions about the ASTB (post your scores & ask your questions here!)

Rahul Gupta

So I took the ASTB on the fly (no pun intended har har har) and I scored a 1/1/1 and an OAR of 25 and I honestly feel like a jackass. I guess what concerns me I guess is the fact that I failed it. I was wondering if the NAFIT had anything to do with it.
Definitely take some time to re-study. I’d say Give yourself at least 3 months. You WILL definitely improve. Imagine if you pull off 7’s from 1’s. The Navy will think that you’ve really “matured”, in other words, studied. This can actually benefit you more than hurt you if you pull it off. Thus, study hard this time. Message me if you need help and utilize this gouge. Look back to my post on this page (edit: I meant last pg - 311) as to what you should study and how you should approach it. You’ve already taken the right step in posting here.

Motivational quote for you and my personal favorite: “You can’t fall if you don’t climb, but there’s no joy living your whole life on the ground.” At least you know where you messed up, so take the time to prepare. Also, you will deal w/ all sorts of failures in life and flight school but your ability to maintain your composure is what will set you apart.
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I didn't study for it because my OSO offered for me to take it now just to get a feel for it.
Oh, ok. Wow, I didn't know that could happen. Anyways, I hope you are not too hard on yourself! At least you got a feel for it and you know what to expect next time! Yeah, I agree with what's been said before, that you just give yourself time to study. If you want too, I am willing to lend you some of my study guides. Although, I'm sure you can easily find them by looking through this forum! Best of luck!


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Of course man and please do, that would be great! And im not too bummed, it was kinda funny to be honest
May I ask what the math section was like, if that is alright with you? Were there any logs and matrixes? Or just mostly word problems.
Also, give me just a second to get my guides together and I'll send them to you


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So I took the ASTB on the fly (no pun intended har har har) and I scored a 1/1/1 and an OAR of 25 and I honestly feel like a jackass. I guess what concerns me I guess is the fact that I failed it. I was wondering if the NAFIT had anything to do with it.
How old are you? If you're not pushing the age limit, take your time with studying. I studied for probably 3 months in my spare time and it helped a lot (60 9/9/8), especially since I hadn't done anything math-related in years.

Your OAR score can be generated immediately after testing without doing the NATFI part yet, so that's not a factor for that part. So I'd say it's unlikely that's what sunk you overall, but maybe it had an effect on the ASTB portion.

Honestly this forum (and thread) is a goldmine of information. Take your time and don't rush into a retake unless there are age limit concerns.


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I took the ASTB on Feb 14th and got a 63 8/7/8. I wanted to say thanks for all the help that this message board provided and allowed me to do well!

Tips for those who are taking the test soon: ( speaking from my experience)

Math: Algebra 2 is going to be the majority of what is on this test. There was also some Rate=Distance * Time problems. I was kicked out ( or rather finished) with about 25 minutes left so I was able to run through this pretty quick but the problems were hard. A lot of variable and numbers were involved. Studying for the GRE math section is a good reference point to do well and ensure that you aren't leaving anything major potential areas unstudied.

Reading: Do a few practice problems so you get the idea of what is going on but in the end there isn't a way to really study this section. The correct answer is the sentence that can be written using info derived from the given prompt alone ( don't bring in your own outside knowledge or intuition).

Mechanical: I studied physics in college so this section wasn't to rough for me but in general you want to focus on newtons laws and really understanding them. Levels are big. Pulley systems and gears were also common. Know basic electrical mechanics: voltage, current, resistance, capacitance.

ANIT: I read a lot on this message board that history was going to be a big part of this test but for me it wasn't. I was prepared with naval and aviation history but it didn't come up to much.( still study it because it still came up) I read the FAA pilots handbook and it was beyond helpful!!!! A HUGE majority of my questions came from reading this so I would 100% recommend reading this.

Personality test: It was hard to pick and very annoying because it felt so long but just get through it!

UAV Test: People will say use the compass trick but that often is fumbly and takes a long time. For me I did a lot of practice with different flash cards and just used a trick i read about on here. 1) determine where your north is. so if you if the arrow is pointing toward the bottom left corner then your north is to your back right. SO the back right parking lot is north 2) from there just use your knowledge of a compass to click the correct one. It takes some muscle memory to get good at this but just find your north and go from there is the fastest and most effective way. This test is also very stressful because it tells you right away if you got it correct or wrong with a noise and then tells you how long it took to click.

Spacial Appreciation: This part was very hard for me but just try to focus on what is going on in that moment. The listening wasn't to bad along and each throttle and joystick test along weren't so bad. It was once we started to do them all at the same time that it got much harder. IN general try and focus on the listening as the primary focus and then the throttle and joystick as secondary. WRITE DOWN THE EMERGENCY PROCEDURES. This part is easy enough if you just write down the emergency procedures.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

For all those pilots out there, I have a question: My recruiter says that because my FOFAR score is higher than my PFAR I should put NFO as my first choice and Pilot as my second chance to increase my chances of being selected. Is this true, will my chances of being selected be hindered by putting pilot as my number one? Any feedback of advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!


The NRC will see you as being more competitive for NFO just because the FOFAR is one point higher. That being said, you have competitive scores for both so you should be fine with either. My NFO rating was higher but I went with SNA because I really wanted to be a pilot, and got the pro rec Y for it. Basically the choice is yours.