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02AUG2021 Pilot/NFO Board


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I can’t speak to what a normal timeline is from pre covid times, but I can say from the guys I know that after OCS, you generally go back to your home district and work with your Navy OR for a time doing OHARP as a butter bar until you get PCs orders to Pensacola. I’m not sure what OHARP entails for a brand new O-1 but I assume it’s house mouse type work. I don’t know if everyone does this or how long it lasts for everyone, but my buddies all did it for at least a couple of months before heading down to pcola to wait on a class up.
They released the board list early to now extending the board date, they must enjoy our suffering.


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assigning class dates, verifying current eligibility, making sure the candidate didn't accept for another designator, etc...... and they have a lot of other work to do besides after board items.
Thank you -- I figured it was something like that but wasn't really sure!


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Hey guys so I know I didn’t make it into the August board, was confirmed by Paul and the obvious fact that my name wasn’t on the at-board list lol. But I have seen a lot of people saying they got pushed to the November board and I was wondering, for those of you that have been pushed to the November board, did you get confirmation that you have been pushed to it? Like did Paul confirm you were going or something? Because when I asked him he said he couldn’t tell me what board I’m on. I’m a little confused! I just want to make sure that I’m on some at-board list. He confirmed receipt of my package a while back and everything was good so he referred it to the board members for the next available board date but I just don’t know what this means. Thanks in advance!