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iwc board

  1. E

    IWC Board Canceled, but package was already recieved.

    I applied for the September IWC board, my package was received and I was "medically cleared" to participate in the board. The board however, was subsequently cancelled and pushed to the already scheduled date of 04DEC2019 with a package due date of 18OCT2019. By that time I will have a new EVAL...
  2. V

    18 SEP 18 IWC Board

    Hi All- Haven't seen any posts relating to this board as yet. Anyone here applying for this board?
  3. Hail_HYDRA!


    Starting a new thread to get this going for FY 19!
  4. BlueDacnis

    4 DEC 17 IWC Board

    Apologies if this has already been created; I searched for it everywhere and couldn't find it. Figured people would like to gather and panic together. Checking in.. Had my packet done in mid October. Now we play the waiting game..
  5. V

    OCS 18 SEP 17 | IWC Board

    Checking in. Sent my application last Saturday. Currently Deployed. Will be my first board. Will not stop applying until I make it. Going for IP from the fleet.