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cryptologic warfare

  1. D

    Selection Boards For This Upcoming Fiscal Year

    What's up everybody, this is my first post. My name is Dave. I'm from Philly and I'm about to graduate with a BS in Information Systems from Penn State. I've seen lot of great information on here and a ton of helpful resources and answered questions about all kinds of things. My recruiter sent...
  2. E

    Application did not get a "read receipt"

    I'm an active duty E6 applying to OCS for 1810 and 1830. I completed my package and sent the PDF to officerapplications@navy.mil. In the FAQ on the Navy's OCS page it says if you do not receive a "confirmation of receipt" to send the email again and also email ocsquestions@navy.mil. I did, and...
  3. Hail_HYDRA!

    USN Don't judge your value by your proximity to the target

    Just came across an incredible article entitled "Don't judge your value by your proximity to the target" that I believe is most appropriate to our community, heck all communities of support professionals, as we are the expert IW support cadre providing critical IW capabilities to the warfighter...
  4. Y

    Aviation vs. Cryptology

    Hi everyone, Long time lurker on the site but hadn't been able to find anything related to my specific question (yes, did use the search function) so I figured I'd give the posting thing a try. Apologies in advance for the terrible structure of this question - I'm finding it hard boiling down...
  5. K

    1815 At-Sea Opportunities

    I'm brand new to this site (but not to the Navy), and it seems to be a great resource for those currently serving or thinking about serving. I was hoping to get a little help with a question that a recruiter was unable to answer for me: Can anyone speak either from experience or anecdotally...