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Not so good GPA. Do I still have a shot at going in as an officer?

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My GPA right now in college is not so great. I think it is at a 2.8 or so. Do I have to have a certain GPA before I can even be considered to go in as an officer? Or do you think if I can do well enough on the OAR/ASTB they will overlook my GPA?

My other thought was this... If I don't have a chance at going in as an officer because of my GPA, I was going to go in as enlisted where I will be a few ranks above everyone because I will have my degree. While I am in as enlisted I was going to try and work my way to an officer position from there. Is this a good plan if I can't go in straight as an officer?

I graduate in May 2017 and I just want to be ready to start my life asap.


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So you've already graduated? These are common questions that a search should help with. Also, an officer recruiter will be able to help - have you contacted one?
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