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Which watch?

mad dog

assistant to the assistant pao
Seiko Wednesday with my 6309-7049 [1986] from the NASWF NEX...headed out with the local Cincinnati dadskatesquad on my G&S [1981] and survived...and bought a dadskatesquad t-shirt to celebrate...




VS NFO. Blue and Gold Officer
Super Moderator
My 6139-7002 just came back from depot level maintenance. Acquired in Singapore on first deployment 1982. 140 Singapore dollars. Think that was about $75 USD at the time. It has been inop for over 25 years. That is an original repair coupon, not honored by Seiko USA. Cost about as much as the watch is worth to repair. But it has sentimental value. Wore it for many years, long after I got off active duty. Now if I can just figure out how to remove a link from the bracelet. Hard to believe my wrist is smaller than when I was 26 years old.



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In honor of Speedy Tuesday, watching the 2019 release of Apollo 11 - the suit-up of Mike Collins provides some great Speedy shots! (Ripped Blue Ray DVD to computer, allowing screen snips)