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What are you reading?


Unusual Vibration Salesperson
I know you’re all just a right bunch of scholars up in this thread, but I just read Jurassic Park and Lost World.

What literary delights those were!

Recommend if you want to crush some science fiction in a few days and hear Jeff Goldblum’s voice in your head waxing poetic about chaos theory.


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Dr Jim Holmes (PhD) is a crazy smart and incredibly nice guy who hangs his hat up in Newport. This is his summer reading list. It got me thinking that we might be able to kickstart a thread here where we drop some book recommendations and thoughts on something you've recently read.

No, it's not AirWarriors Book Club.... It's different, dammit!

This one is actually on his list, and I just picked it up a week or so ago. So far, so so so good!
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Also, just finished this. I had no idea how large of a role King and Leahy played in the larger global strategy development during WWII. It polishes USNA's knob pretty hard, but overall a really good book.

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I realize neither of these books are "hot off the press," and many of you have probably read them. I had not.

I'm interested to see what else you guys are reading. Well... All except @webmaster. We know what he's reading.
I'm reading A Sea Story: Officer Candidate School. Interesting writing style. Basically a verbatim description of Navy OCS. Thanks everyone for these great suggestions!