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Transition to FTS


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Thanks. Is there an FTS DH bonus?
After your commitment is up, if <15 years of service. Worth it if you're doing 20. Otherwise...
Yes. Like everything, things change. When I got my bonus, the clock started when I got selected for FTS (which for me, was a year before I showed up), so I only had to wait a year and then I could apply. They've cinched down on that for the moment, especially with the airlines, but timelines and requirements always change. BL: When and what you're eligible for won't be certain until you're eligible for it.

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How does an FTS DH tour compare to an active duty one? Do they all hate their life too?
No. Parts are going to suck, as with all Navy jobs, but you're no longer part of the AC circus herd, so life tends to be a little more reality-based.
From what I've seen/been told (as a SELRES with my nose pressed against the glass), it depends on what kind of unit you're in. Sometimes in hardware units the priority has to go to keeping the SELRES current, and someone has to keep the office lights on, so the Reservists get the good deals and priority for flight time. The same is true with SAUs, but since you're mostly supporting other people's flight skeds vice writing your own, there are more opportunities to jump on pop-up flights and road trips. I know our FTS in the VAW SAU got to fly a lot, and got plenty of good deals (e.g., supporting -111 in Key West) as well.