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Space Force


Livin' On the Right Side of the River From Pags!
Overheard at his Article 15....”Guardian, you had better tighten up your altitude! You think you are a bolide, but you are just another speck in the debris disc of a normal career. Your actions are causing serious ablation of your future. Son, you need to get into geosynchronous orbit with the program or you will approach your Roche Limit sooner than you think!”


Running the IT Help Desk
I played with that a few years ago. Was it updated recently? Also, Scott Manley on YouTube, if you're not familiar.
Yes, they're up to version 1.11 and have incorporated some features from some of the most popular mods. There are also some new DLCs available which add historical missions and some other new features.

As @Gonzo08 says, the real fun is modding the game until it breaks.


VS NFO. Blue and Gold Officer
Super Moderator
Stationary for the office of the Commandant of the USMC uses the same format as the one pictured above. I am sure it aggravates them. Their own patented cammie pattern, but can't get their own stationary in the Commandant's office.