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Space Force


"I live vicariously through myself."
We got our first request from Space Force for a NALO flight last week. Pretty awesome seeing that. 😂

Hair Warrior

New Member
I finished watching the series yesterday. It wasn't great but I think the reviewer expects a little too much from a comedy.
Agreed of the reviewer. I’m a couple episodes in. It’s alright. But some of the military humor falls flat.

Also, no way a 4-star USAF command rated pilot would wear his dress twilights around the office all day. He would be in a space bag w/ leather flight jacket for sure.


Well-Known Member
Agree with the resounding "meh". I think a lot of people expected a politicized version of the office and it just isn't that. Not that anything could hold a candle to that cult...

I've never cared much for the Offices humor crutch of "how awkward can Steve Carell be?" So this half and half of idiot/then pull my head out of my ass for the episode conclusion with a lesson, isn't terrible.

Just as forgettable as a lot of Netflix stuff.