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Seeking advice regarding platform


Internet killed the television star
Why does tilting have such a bad rep? Seems like it'd be cool to fly, watching from the cheap seats.
Logistics makes the world go round…

Part of the complaint is the footprint it takes to deploy them. I’ve heard number from 30-40 ISU-90s for a det of V-22s (3-4 aircraft). While not an apples to apples comparison, we could take three H-60s on deployment with only 18 ISU-90s. That’s not an insignificant difference.


Why does tilting have such a bad rep? Seems like it'd be cool to fly, watching from the cheap seats.
Coming from a skid dude (I come in peace, I swear) - there's a number of structural issues in the community that seem like it would be a little tiresome to spend a long time in. And don't take my word for it - check out the FY21 O-5 command screening:

of the 12 VMMs up for a new CO, a quarter of them are being filled by non-7532s. I spent about two years in composite VMMs between two MEUs, and the common complaint from the senior Capts was the burnout. A HMLA or HMH has the benefit of coming into an established VMM, with required quals already met (or they should be), and with a tighter group of dudes. West Coast dudes will come off that deployment, relax for six months, and then maybe go to Oki for their subsequent deployment. A senior O-3 in a VMM legitimately might do three floats, constantly managing workups in between, and if they start getting quals their reward is probably going to be a fleet to fleet to the opposite coast or to Japan where they'll do it all over again. It's no wonder when restricted ATP changes came out guys started heading for the hills, I don't blame them.