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Seeking advice regarding platform


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Each time you fly, whether you're delivering marines or the mail, just play this scene (and the soundtrack) in your head.


Space Cadet
To the OP, I get this is "the biggest thing in the world right now", but this will pass. I saw this more than a few times at selection days as an IP. You've spent months/years obsessing over this day and it didn't go the way you wanted, but you're still part of a highly skilled group inside one of the world's best fighting forces. That's not nothing.

In a few months, the day you put those wings on will be Top 5 in your life. If you've still got the urge to fly Hercs later on, there's Guard and Reserve units.


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Herc's are an extremely small portion of the selections. There are some weeks were you could have an 80 NSS and there simply are no Herc slots that week. You really set yourself up for heartache with a Herc's or bust mentality.
For those stressing selections out of primary wanting Herc's real bad-- you could also do everything right and have a higher NSS than the guy who actually got the Herc slot in your week. Quality spread is a real thing out of primary