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Random Griz Aviation Musings


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My only SERE needs were cow-pie avoidance techniques, fire-ant bite first aid...
Several Thanksgivings ago, I had a call to go pick up a MVA on some empty country road in the middle of nowhere. It was about 10 or 11 at night. It was a single-vehicle, so you can probably guess what caused the crash. When we showed up, you could even see where Fire/Rescue was and how it was right where the road bent a different direction.

However, there wasn't a place to set down on the road, so they had us go into a cow pasture right next to the road (where FHP was nice enough to put several cars to mark the power lines for us). As it turned out, it was an ACTIVE cow pasture, and it was pretty damn amusing to watch the Medcrew slipping and sliding there way across the field at night while dragging the gurney. Everyone's boots were required to be hosed down that night once we got back to base (except mine).
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With airports fenced off with limited access, reduced numbers of grass roots fly ins and air shows, and fewer private pilots out there willing to take a kid for a ride, your work is more important than ever. Doing the work of an angel Chuckster.


DD-214 in hand and I'm gonna party like it's 1998
The DPE who did my multiengine add-on does a bunch of stuff including type rides in the B-25. (My checkride was in something a little slower and more modest, a PA-30, not to mention easier to fly.)


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