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Just graduated OCS. I'm on PTAD for another 5 months before TBS starts. I've already been through NAMI and qualified and everything. However, I'm trying to decide if it would be a good idea to try and get PRK or LASIK in one eye (shooting eye) before TBS starts. I took the flight physical a year ago now, so I would have to get another one anyways. Should this be enough time to get a waiver to come through by the end of TBS, or would it possibly mess things up for another flight physical and getting re-qualified on time? My vision is about 20/25 in the left eye and 20/30-40 in the right eye (shooting eye). It's about 20/30 in the daytime but when it gets dark, it drops to around 20/40 because of astigmatism. I can see well and got through OCS just fine without wearing glasses except for night study, but it could be better. The reason I want to get the surgery is that the unbalanced vision bugs me and causes a bit of discomfort and headaches especially when it gets darker. I want to be able to shoot the best I can at TBS during quals and thought this might help. I have glasses, but most of the time they really aren't necessary and would just be a hindrance at TBS. I see surgery as beneficial down the road and would look into it anyways. The left eye would probably come later on in a few years. Just trying to decide if now is a good time or not. Any input is appreciated, thanks for checking out the post!


I'm a Navy guy and don't really understand caring about shooting qual at TBS.

But this is probably your only chance for 5+ years to have enough time off to get PRK. I would get it done now. Getting PRK was on of the best things the Navy did for me.