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  1. A

    MEPS process stalled out over PRK procedure paperwork

    Back in Jan 2020, I had submitted all my paperwork form my eye doctor's office along with all the Navy post op paperwork, filled out and signed. Now for the past 7 months I have have been working with my recruiter to prepare my packet for the boards, since back in March. However every time MEPS...
  2. Chippewa19

    Timeline and is PRK still preferred?

    I wear glasses and my prescription is within the NAMI standards to get PRK or LASIK out of pocket. (-3.25, -3.0) I am starting the application process for PLC-Air and I was planning on having the surgery this spring so I have a 6+ month window for everything to check out before MEPS and NAMI...
  3. B

    Uncorrected eyesight is too bad, could I get PRK before?

    Hello all, I am currently 18 and about to graduate high school. For the past couple years I have been working towards my dream, becoming an aviator in the military. Recently, I got an eye prescription and calculated my eyesight. I believe I have 20/40 in one eye and 20/80 in the other eye. I...
  4. I

    Second PRK Surgery

    I am in the process of applying for a pilot slot at Navy OCS and have a question about laser eye surgeries. I had PRK surgery done about four years ago and since that time my vision has deteriorated somewhat. Although my eyesight is at the lower end of the acceptable band for becoming a pilot, I...
  5. C

    At OCS, got NPQ'd

    Hello all, I was part of class 10-18, (Feb 4, 2018) and went through a few days before I had a meeting with the flight surgeon. Pretty much I was NPQ'd for having 1.75 astigmatism, when 1.00 was the max standard. I remember I asked the eye doc at MEPS if my astigastigm was within standards and...
  6. S

    Recruiter: PRK Waiver not Needed

    Issue: My recruiter is going to send me to OCS without requesting a PRK waiver. Long story short: - I was medically cleared at MEPS. I applied for SNA and NFO. But my vision was not good enough for SNA. SNA is the number one pick for me with NFO as back-up. - Using guidance from the wavier...
  7. Jamie_D

    Eye Surgery Recommendation in NJ/PA/NY Area

    Hi All, I am currently in the process of applying to OCS for SNA. To get there I need to get eye surgery and not sure if LASIK or PRK yet. I plan on getting a consultation to see if I am eligible for LASIK. I live in New Jersey, near NYC and I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation in...