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  1. R

    ASTB-E Scores SNA

    Just retook the ASTB-E and here are the results: Officer Aptitude Rating (OAR): 52 Academic Qualification Rating (AQR): 7 Pilot Flight Officer Rating (PFAR): 8 Naval Flight Officer Flight Aptitude Rating (FOFAR): 7 Are these scores competitive for SNA? I'm looking at applying for the first...
  2. Chippewa19

    Timeline and is PRK still preferred?

    I wear glasses and my prescription is within the NAMI standards to get PRK or LASIK out of pocket. (-3.25, -3.0) I am starting the application process for PLC-Air and I was planning on having the surgery this spring so I have a 6+ month window for everything to check out before MEPS and NAMI...
  3. C

    At OCS, got NPQ'd

    Hello all, I was part of class 10-18, (Feb 4, 2018) and went through a few days before I had a meeting with the flight surgeon. Pretty much I was NPQ'd for having 1.75 astigmatism, when 1.00 was the max standard. I remember I asked the eye doc at MEPS if my astigastigm was within standards and...
  4. Jamie_D

    Eye Surgery Recommendation in NJ/PA/NY Area

    Hi All, I am currently in the process of applying to OCS for SNA. To get there I need to get eye surgery and not sure if LASIK or PRK yet. I plan on getting a consultation to see if I am eligible for LASIK. I live in New Jersey, near NYC and I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation in...
  5. C

    Recruiter said only 3 month wait after LASIK?

    Hey all, So I just took the ASTB today and am scheduled to get LASIK next Friday, and when speaking with my officer recruiter he said that there is now just a 3 month wait after getting LASIK to go through MEPS / apply to OCS so long as you have reports from your surgeon every 30 days, and said...
  6. Dangle

    Question regarding contact lens and waivers

    I am sorry if there was a previous thread on this topic, I tried to search but was not quite satisfied with what I had read and I am in a bit of a panic mode. I will be getting LASIK this weekend, and I have been working with my recruiter on making sure I cover all my bases before having the...
  7. S

    LASIK, Naval Vision requirements, MEPS, and Eligibility

    I had a conversation recently with my recruiter. He decided to look into vision requirements for unrestricted line officers after I informed him that I was open to seeking a commission as a SWO. I already took the ASTB-E (and have fairly competitive scores with my GPA), plan on going to MEPS, am...
  8. E

    Would I still need Lasik?

    Hey everyone, I am a bit confused regarding the LASIK process... I can see 20/40 uncorrected, and 20/20 corrected, but according to the naval aeromedical guide my farsightedness correction can't be over a TOTAL of +3.00 diopters (I'm 3.25) combined both eyes Does that mean I would need...
  9. E

    Lasik question

    Hello all, I have a question regarding the pre operative refractive limits for lasik. I understand that the limit is +3.00 pre op for SNA, but is that combined for both eyes or is it each eye separately. (I have corrections 1.5 and 1.75 respectively). Please this is keeping me up at night. I am...