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OCS Preparing for OCS in college


New Member
I'm a sophomore in college and plan on applying for Navy OCS upon graduation. Working towards receiving an SNA contract but want to join the Navy regardless. Haven't been able to find exact information on this for more recent years.
-From my understanding, BDCP is out of commission. Is this program gone for good or is it just currently not active?
-I have read that I can apply to OCS within 6 months of graduation, is this accurate, and if otherwise when is the earliest I can begin the application process?
I have the opportunity to graduate in May of 2017 (a year early) in which case I would receive my diploma at the end of that summer. With current/projected OCS boards, specifically for aviation, any advice on what I can do while still in college to make myself a better applicant? Would I be better off staying in college the extra year to build my app? I would appreciate any information or advice. Thanks in advance for your time.

Hopeful Hoya

Well-Known Member
-To my understanding, BDCP is technically active but hasn't been funded for several years, but I will let one of the recruiters charm in on that.

- You can submit your application 6 months out, but you can work with a recruiter earlier than that. I took my ASTB last May and started working with my recruiter on the paperwork and MEPS stuff in August.

- For SNA, the biggest things are your ASTB scores and legal history. Do well in school, stay out of trouble, don't do/stop doing drugs, and crush the ASTB.

-Staying in school will likely not improve your application unless your GPA is bad, but I will caution you about graduating early. You have the rest of your life to grow up and be an adult, so unless you have large financial incentives to skip your final year, I would say do not do it for just for the Navy. The Navy and the SNA program are not going anywhere soon, so enjoy your last two years, the Navy will be waiting for you when you graduate.