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aviation contract

  1. PilotEngineer

    Aviation Officer Candidate School Program

    I am a sophomore at Cornell University majoring in mechanical engineering. I plan to graduate with at least a 3.2 GPA then I will continue to do my one year's masters in Aerospace Engineering also at Cornell before applying for OCS. I've already started taking flight lessons and I am projected...
  2. I

    (Opinion) AFROTC vs. PLC Air

    Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to start by thanking everyone who answers questions and shares their experiences of military aviation and their lives as officers on this forum. I have been reading here over the last few months and it has helped me greatly in every step of the...
  3. E

    OCS Preparing for OCS in college

    I'm a sophomore in college and plan on applying for Navy OCS upon graduation. Working towards receiving an SNA contract but want to join the Navy regardless. Haven't been able to find exact information on this for more recent years. -From my understanding, BDCP is out of commission. Is this...
  4. Hammer10k

    Law School or OCS?

    Hi all, Thanks for reading. I'm in an interesting position.. I'm currently in law school with a semester left for graduation. I'm the Student Body President. I've been offered an OCS slot for Aviation but have to leave in a month due to age limits (getting close to 27). Being a Naval...
  5. Nick Termini

    Change of Option to Marine Option for Aviation Contract

    I am currently an NROTC Navy Option Midshipman 3/C on scholarship hoping to switch to Marine Option to get a flight contract. I've been told there are only 5 slots nationwide for such a switch, making it quite competitive, but I know the Marine Corps is looking for pilots so a good set of ASTB...