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Ordering coffee online

Renegade One

Well-Known Member
Something I've come to grips with as I've gotten older. What we old guys think as cool, isn't. ;)
Don't shit yourself…what we old guys thought was cool…still is. Just the same way that we "thought cool" most everything that OUR "old guys" told us about at the bar or wherever…except, perhaps, for the "old school" accident rate. That blew dead goats.

What's changed is that much the new guys/gals think is cool…isn't. Except this whole coffee in the mail thing…that IS cool!


Well-Known Member
I disagree. Decent callsign.
Oh, I agree that it's a decent callsign. But still... The best callsigns out there are ones that come from the younger guys. They are also the ones that get struck down by older guys. Case in point: The hands-down best callsign I've heard in a while is "Chaffe". What's the back story? "Because he's on everyone's radar". i.e. - he's the shit screen. SPECTACULAR callsign, initiated by a bunch of O-3s, and shot down by the callsign review boards (initiated by someone higher than O-3).
Plus, much like your jorts, Tevas, and woven belt, if the youngsters don't think it's cool they can suck it.
Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Yes, I'm an east coast guy through and through. Did you see any of the above when I was chillaxin' at your house? I didn't think so. I'd rather cut my nuts off than rock any of the above (only because all of the above are not defined by comfort)...
Just the same way that we "thought cool" most everything that OUR "old guys" told us about at the bar or wherever…except, perhaps, for the "old school" accident rate. That blew dead goats.
Concur, however - I'd like a little bit of leeway between the "wrecking three aircraft over the course of a weekend and I got taken off the schedule on Monday because of it" and the "I'm going to crush you if you have one slip up" of today. There HAS to be a happy medium.


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Regardless of call sign review boards, JOPA is going to call you whatever the hell they decide to call you. If you don't like it, well, those are the breaks of naval air, as some might say.

I say "here's a straw so you can suck it the fuck up!"

Harrier Dude

Living the dream
Has anybody actually seen one of these fabled "callsign review boards"?

I figure I would have been on one of them by now if they actually existed.


Social Justice Warlord
Is that a navy thing? East coast thing? Rhino thing?

I've never seen one. I've seen the CO come out and direct a change on specific instances, but that was in more flagrant cases.
Well we did them at VT-86, the rag, and twice now in my fleet squadron. Single anchor guys I know did htem in Meridian/Kingsville. It's for sure at least a Rhino/Hornet thing. It's almost always run by the JOPA, with initial input allowed form hinges and front office types. The official "board" is typically done at a closed-door JOPA meeting, where the possible callsigns are put forth and then voted upon.

We've had a few that were allowed on cruise, but had to be cleaned up stateside.

I'm fairly sure this is relatively common throughout the tailhook Navy.


Social Justice Warlord
I should probably clarify that what I previously described is commonly known as a "callsign review board" in my community. As far as a top-down "review" of callsigns for PC purposes, heard of it and seen it in our air wing, but never referred to as a CRB. More like, "we gotta send a list to CAG, so get creative with the acronyms."


Well-Known Member
I've been on two types.. The "JOPA board" one multiple times in E-2 land..

And the decidedly less fun post Romogate "You're the senior JO YOU sit with the hinges and CE9 (I refused to call him CMC.. Or Master Chief) as JOPA rep and look for any way they can be insensitive"..

Guess whose callsign was the first to officially go?

Not due to implied self gratification, but our Command E-9 (now in jail AFAIK) thought it was "Racis'" (his pronunciation)