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My Latest Purchase (or just pictures of your current guns)


The Dude abides....

Also, anyone have experience with internal guide rod laser brands, eg. LaserMax? I’ve seen mixed reviews and they ain’t cheap.
I just installed a set of Dawson Precision adjustable sights on a Glock. Very easy installation. Fiber-optic, great presentation outside. Warren Sevigney Tactical are another great choice.

I looked at the Lasermax guide rods, but the reviews seem to indicate a lack of durability (e. g. Laser INOP after a few thousand rounds). Also, couldn’t find one with a steady beam, only blinking.

If I was going to go with a laser for a Glock, I’d probably stick with Crimson Trace, or get one of the integrated light/laser combos from Streamlight or Surefire.


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I did this with my Glocks:


Here is the form itself ("what?" you'll understand from the article but the link in there to the form is busted)


I went with the 'big' Ameriglo bold night sights. My shipping cost to Glock, then $100 to Glock paid for: the sights, installation and shipping back to me.

One item of note concerning those sights: they're a bit tall, so point of impact is markedly lower than point of aim; aim at the nose, hit the upper chest (~5yds)