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Monster Marine OCS thread: stupid questions answered here!


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navy OCS vs. Marine OCS?

I read in another thread that Navy OCS is ALOT different than the Marine OCS. Just out of curiosity, what are the main differences? Doesnt the Navy use Marine DI`s for their OCS? My guess would be the degree of physical activity, specifically running, but what else?


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The whole environment is different, when comparing OCS. I spent quite a bit of time around the Navy OCS grounds and thought it was entirely different from my experience at Marine OCS. You won't just have to worry about assuming the role of a Platoon Commander while at USMC OCS. Your ability to demonstrate leadership amongst your peers (with confidence) will carry you through the evolution. Physical fitness is a given; it's what you'd expect from a Marine. The evaluation process stretches beyond that, and looks more so at your potential to lead. Just do a "nut check" before you go and you should be just fine. Besides, there's more than enough information on this website to aid you in your pursuit, that specifically references experiences from both the Navy and Marine Corps. Unless, of course, you're trying to start a fight?


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LOL. Not trying to start a fight. I was just wondering out of my own curious nature. What kinds of things can you do in PLC to make yourself look like you can lead and want to as well as show how motivated you are?


007 wanna "stand out" MOVE with a purpose, speed, and intensity. When your are in the role of the follower then follow, and lead when giving the role of a leader. Learn from the mistakes of others and your mistakes as well. Don't screw the billet holders above you because the roles will reverse. Most important is Attention to Detail.


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HBMOR...Have you gone to Officer Candidates School with the United States Marine Corps? or Navy OCS for that matter? I am sure that you haven't attended both, so you thus have no true means to compare, just as I don't because I have never attended Navy OCS...I am just wondering where you acquired such UNPROVEN AND MORE THAN LIKELY FALSE knowledge?


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Since I did go to Navy OCS, and compared info with someone who went to MC OCS, I just told you what I got out of the conversation. That's it...what I said could or could not be true, take it as you will.


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One more thing (and for oohrah this is not gospel)...I know that you have a lot more chances at Navy OCS. You can fail an inspection and be able to take it again...and if you fail it again you are put in holding company. Other people that get injured also go into holding company. There are some people there that have been at OCS for a year because they can't get their **** together. The Navy is a lot more lenient.


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Marine Ocs

Anybody have any idea how competitive it is to get into Marine OCS right now? what are the stats of the average candidate?


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The average candidate is 6'6" and 240 lbs. They must have an ASVAB score around 99 AFQT and an ASTB 6/6/6 score. You have do renounce your citizenship and sign your own death certificate and can have no more contact with your family. I think you have to kill a baby and eat it too. And that is just for a ground contract. Think you have what it takes? I would just stay in school.