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Just selected, and got....


Awesome job and good luck in the fleet man. I want P-3's so bad but the P-8 will be in service by then.:icon_smil


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What he meant to say is EP-3's are like our version of E-2's. People say they are cool just to make themselves feel better.
Nice...I'd always wondered what it would sound like to hear the two fattest chicks at the dance standing off in the corner by themselves arguing over who's wearing the fugliest eyeglasses/braces ensemble.

And now I know.

If you like Whidbey Island, flying at altitude, being a red-headed stepchild of a red-headed stepchild, and having your very own high-school drama club in the back...EP-3s are great.

If not...I hear some of the guys in P-3s aren't gay.:icon_tong

Welcome to P-3 land!


"I live vicariously through myself."
Thanks everyone. I'm looking forward to a nice 3 month wait until starting advanced. I'll be going home to Washington to get married in the coming weeks. And by the way, I would love to get stationed at Whidbey Island, its close to home!

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Bates shakin down some NFO's suure better bring the rest of your D and D club so they can see what happens to you pilot guys in NFOland.


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Or a lot of flight time. I don't know of one VQ pilot tht has walked out with less than 1000, not so with VP pilots. Just sayin'........:D
"it's quality, not quantity maaaan..."