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Explanation of "scroll" process and Timeline of events until receipt of COMDOCs


New Member
Long Blue Wait

Hey all,

Was wondering if anyone has any intel on any new scrolls coming up. Was selected for a DCO commission as an EDO at a Board on March 2nd and thinking I might be on the next scroll.



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Commissioning Next Week

Following SavvyPR's commissioning thread and timeline, I wanted to provide my dates as well. I'm setting up my commissioning for next week.

Thanks again everyone for your help.

22 SEP 2008 - Initial contact with OPO (Officer Programs Officer)
03 OCT 2008 - First officer interview
31 OCT 2008 - ASTB Test
11 NOV 2008 - Package and EPSQ submitted to OPO for review
01 DEC 2008 - Package submitted to board
12 DEC 2008 - Board meets
17 DEC 2008 - Received Results from 12 DEC board. Was instructed to submit two additional interviews
13 JAN 2009 - Located and arranged interviews with two additional officers
23 JAN 2009 - Conducted additional interviews
28 JAN 2009 - Interview information submitted to board
02 FEB 2009 - Board meets
12 MAR 2009 - Received word that I was selected / pro-rec'd
24 APR 2009 - MEPS
05 JUN 2009 - Received PQ (Physically Qualified) Letter
16 JUN 2009 - Received Final Select letter
01 JUL 2009 - Received COMDOCS


Tech Geek
Nice work, bubblehead. I'm keeping a similar timeline...now I'm just stuck waiting for the next Intel board on 14 SEP (nice work noticing mustang02's post over on the military.com forums...I just have a daily digest emailed to me :icon_wink )

It's certainly a long process, but it helps give some perspective for others just now throwing themselves into the mix. Again, congratulations...I've seen your posts in various places as you started the process yourself, so it's nice to see someone now actually moving to a completion, of sorts. Well, one completion, and a new beginning. :)