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DCO Supply Chances and Selections


I am also still in the application process - my package goes to the Board on 13 January, but I have heard exactly the same thing as Robinson from both LDCRs I interviewed with.

I have also heard that the Supply School is moving to Newport at some point. Does anyone know when?
Construction is well underway, but I can't remember the completion date. That'll be pushed out by a few months anyway.

Wikipedia is claiming 2011, FWIW.

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Construction is well underway..
Damn, that sucks for the chops. Athens is a great place....one of the last bastions of a good deal the navy has. I think I'd rather have my balls sliced off and dropped off in an ocean of hungry sharks than have to go back to Newport.


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13 Jan Board

My package is going to the 13 Jan 10 Board. My specifics:

11 years prior service - 5 active USAF, 6 National Guard
MBA in progress (halfway) - 4.0
BBA, Summa cum laude - 3.93
Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2001
Six Sigma Black Belt since 2004
15 years IT Project Management Experience in Top 50 US Banks
3 Professional References from Senior VP level managers
2 Interviews with Reserve Supply LDCRs

I am 46 but in okay shape - I have completed three marathons in the last 3 years
Asst Scoutmaster - Boy Scouts of America for 9 years

I always had the itch to get back in but thought I was too old. Did some internet searching and phone calling starting last May and happened upon the Navy DCO Program. After some initial conversations, I learned that I might could still be of use to the Navy. So, 7 months later, my package is finally ready to go. I am not sure what my odds are.

Anyone else going to this Board? Those of you who have been selected, what are my chances? Thanks for any guidance anyone can provide. And thanks for all the input on this Board. Its extremely helpful for all of us seeking information. Merry Christmas to all.



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Tony - No one can tell you your chances, as no one knows for sure what any given board is going to be looking for. The only guarantee is taht your chances are better since you applied, then the 0% chance you had before you applied.

I am also going up for the January Board for Supply.

34 Years old
4 years active duty, Intel Specialist 2nd Class upon Honorable Discharge
BS in Information Technology (3.96 GPA)
MBA - Business Management (4.0 GPA)
10 years IT work as an analyst
2 years at fortune 500 company as Senior Analyst
2 years as Information Technology Director
1 Interview with Navy Supply Captain, 1 with Navy LCDR
3 professional references

Volunteer work at local chapter of the ARC
Packmaster for Cubscout pack
5 year president of local chapter of an educational not for profit, 10 year member


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Robinson, thanks. You credentials are certainly impressive. Any idea from your recruiter how many they will choose? I heard from mine that over 100 packages were going in front of this Board.


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Actually, the Captain I interviewed with often sits on the selection boards (unfortunatly not this one). He said that this was going to be a large recruiting year, and January was a great board to be on. They don't do exact numbers per board - as its more of an annual quota, but it will be a much higher percentage (according to the captain) then most years. MUCH higher.


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That is great...maybe we will both make it. Did he give you any idea as to when the results will be out?


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From what I have read on this site, the information containing those selected is release the following Wednesday after the Board meets, which in this case, our Supply Board meets Wednesday, January 13th and the results should be released Wednesday, January 20th. I also read a prior post on this site that the results can be found on the navy.mil web-site under DCO Selects for FY10 and I have also read that this is going to be a big recruiting year, but I only know of two other applicants for this January 13th Supply Board from this web-site, Tony and Robinson, and I know my recruiter had three other applicants in addition to me for this January 13th Board. I have also discovered from this web-site that the DCO Boards are organized by geographical location and this Board seems to be east coast.

It’s interesting to note the three of us from this web-site are all prior service and have all been to graduate school. I also know I’m the only prior service and post graduate my recruiter is processing.

I’m finding it a little surreal that the 13th is almost upon us because I’ve been waiting since May 2009 for this to happen. Did anybody from this web-site have trouble getting their military records? It took me months to get mine, but they finally arrived right after Christmas. I’m starting to feel like Charlie, USAF.Boom and the others from this web-site must have felt when they were going through this and I hope we are all right behind them!


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I actually had no problem getting my records - but i tried for OCS last year, for active duty and the processor got them for that. Took two weeks.

From speaking with the Captain that I did - he said the Graduate degree is a HUGE plus, they really like to see that.

I assumed that for something like supply (As opposed to medical or JAG) that DCOs would almost all be prior service. But that was, as I stated, an assumption. Its good to know that isn't the case, as for the three of us - it certainly isn't going to hurt our chances that we are prior service!

And thank you for the location to check constantly... everyday after the 13th - to see if it has been posted.. Now I really won't get much work done that following week!


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I think you’re lucky you already had your records because my recruiter told me “I wasn’t the only one who was having trouble getting their records,” because she was speaking with Quality Assurance, the place that gets the DCO packets after the recruiters, and apparently my recruiter was told “it’s a big problem.”

I was told the same thing about the M.B.A., that it’s a HUGE plus! Actually, my LCDR told me I had everything going for me except currently serving. Therefore, the three of us are in the same boat, which is a really good boat to be in! Actually, now that I think of it, isn’t it called a ship and not a boat in the Navy?

There is current talk in other threads about priorities of priors and non-priors, and I’m sure we three priors will agree, because I’m sure we have all had it “drilled into our heads,” the priority is: currently serving, priors, and everybody else. I know this was drilled into my head and I’m sure it was the same for you two also. Therefore, we have this going for us also. I also know it is hardest for those currently serving to be given any priority because they must be released by their current commander and released from their service first, and I know this is really hard to accomplish - It’s a catch 22 and a file 13 all at the same time!

I read, or heard, someplace that in the past an M.B.A. was the “standard,” if not a requirement, to become a Chop, but I think this has changed to just an accredited four year degree. I also read someplace that all Chops used to be certified accountants with M.B.A. degrees. However, it sounds like this changed too.


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I also know it is hardest for those currently serving to be given any priority because they must be released by their current commander and released from their service first, and I know this is really hard to accomplish - It’s a catch 22 and a file 13 all at the same time!

priorAF, I would have to disagree with you greatly on this comment. I found my command, both reserve and deployed, eager to help me submit for a commission, and had no issue or question from my CO about signing the form that would be used to ultimately release me from my contract, should I be selected for DCO. That's speaking from the reserve-side of the house, things could be very different for the active-duty folks, but I don't really have any information either way on that front.


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I can speak from personal experience that I have witnessed it to be very difficult. I was active duty Air Force and I remember two instances where enlisted people applied to become officers. One had a desk job and was allowed to become an officer. However, the other was weapons and was not allowed because his job was deemed too critical. Therefore, I think it has to do with job classification and if it is deemed too critical for you to leave.

I remember this story because the one who had the desk job was literally my next door neighbor and the weapons guy had the same job I did. I also remember this was a real downer for all of us weapons people because we all knew we could not become officers because we would not be allowed to leave our jobs. Also, I was forced to quit three of the four college classes I attempted to complete while I was enlisted.


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What a bummer. I could see, in both of my situations - drilling reservist and deployed reservist, neither of my CO's would have been too concerned about losing me. My board didn't meet until well after my deployment ended and my reserve CO doesn't have any real manning minimums or people deemed Mission Critical. I would bet that did send morale in the tank.


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I am also prior service for the January 13th Supply Board. Deck Seaman to RM3 four years active sea duty. I know my recruiter had two applicants from Northeast Florida. I think he also had a couple from Orlando area as well.