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Adios Bluberries


DD-214 in hand and I'm gonna party like it's 1998
I wonder what the NUB will come up with next to carry on this fine tradition... CNT material, blueberries, avacados, the see-thru when wet PT gear, probably one or two more I've forgotten.


Super Moderator
We need a law that resets the uniform regs back to 2000, and then bars any changes for 10 years. Sort of like the law that bars any new camo designs unless all the services adopt them.


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I threw mine out when I unpacked a box from three pcs ago upon moving to my first real house.

They still had JG bars on the collar. That uniform was a good investment.


Livin' On the Right Side of the River From Pags!
The Blueberry Camo is one of those items I like to keep in reserve, for when my Navy/Marine brethren point out one of the many stupidities of the USAF (and there are many)... and when I feel I need to keep things in perspective with a rebuttal.
Although I never wore either, I have to say that blueberry camo is the ascot of the Navy.


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Serious question, how much of the uniform changes are driven by either complaints from the millennial cohort , or proactively trying to appeal to them?