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24 May 2020 OCS Class


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Found out I’ll be moving to this class! Was originally with the March 1st class, but I got to push my date back due to my wedding.

Here’s a link to the Facebook group I made.

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I’ll be in this class too! What do I search to find the FB group? The links not working for me for some reason.
Here’s the link again. I think it requires you to click on the link and log into Facebook before it sends you to the group page. Not sure why, but when I click on it it does that for me, and I created the group.



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A question and a comment. I got my selection letter and it mentions class of MAY 24 convening on MAY 10. Is check in the 24th or the 10th?

Excited to join all of you. Of course we are squading up. The Navy is a team sport.
Are you active duty or civilian?