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14 OCT 2018 OCS Class


Well-Known Member
@PhillipC Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. During the week you elected to take leave, were you allowed to travel? Were there any distance restrictions?Thanks!
Yes, I went home for the duration of that week. There are no distance restriction, but some who lived on the West coast elected not to go home due to high costs of plane tickets at the last moment etc..


New Member
Received my selection letter this morning for this class, which came as a surprise. I was not expecting it so quickly. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Newport, and congrats to everyone who has made it this far!


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Wasn't finding when I was searching Facebook, but alright thanks for letting me know! I'll be deleting the group I just made then.


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Considering the timing of this class, how are we going to go about voting in the general election? Or is there not an opportunity?


Guess I’m with this class? My OR was transferred and my new one said congrats on my selection for the 14OCT class, so I’m taking that as good news. Have to go sign some stuff in a couple weeks, but looks like I’ll be seeing all of you in a month!