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14 OCT 2018 OCS Class

Hi all! I got the call today. Going to be in this class. Better start studying more! Side note: I don't have Facebook so is there another group (like a GroupMe) other than this forum?


Active Member
Originally in this class, got pushed back to 4 Nov. Now pushed back up to this class again. So.. hello again

Newport On Time Rides

Prebook at www.newportbase.com
Taking bookings for PVD airport ( TF GREEN) to Newport base transportation for OCS October 14th 2018 Classup.
Private Car service waaaay cheaper than taxis and we won't leave you at gate like Uber/Lyft. We have 24hr base access.
Recommended by all three hotels on base and have been serving OCS students and military members for over 3.5yrs.
If slot is booked, Call TIM at 401-263-3037 . We can fit you in !

Pre book at www.navalstationnewport.com