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02AUG2021 Pilot/NFO Board


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has everyone in the group got their packet submitted already?
My recruiter said he got mine in last month. I still check in every 2 or 3 weeks just to see if Millington kicked anything back or if any new developments have happened. It’s hard to not be on edge after missing the last two boards due to minor technicalities. I’m interested to see if the spreadsheet is accurate as far as submissions since the “submission date” column does not add up with the the “submitted Y/N column”


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there were 200 people in the At-Board list
I hope the screen shot is wrong and you are right. 135 seems like such a low number and given how many packages were pushed from the May spreadsheet alone, it feels like most of that 135 would be made up entirely of the roll backs from the previous board. Praying for 200 AB for august 🤞


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I got mine submitted on the 10th finally. Really hope I make the August board or else I’ll have to go back to MEPS.


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I should be submitted either today or tomorrow, finally. Is there a Google Doc going for this board already?