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02AUG2021 Pilot/NFO Board


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Man, that hurts to hear. It went from 3.2 to almost 3.4, added a couple flight hours as well (which I know is hardly looked at). Do you think since we resubmitted well before the deadline I could still be safe?
don't know, it really depends how many others have submitted as well, the fact it is so far out from the deadline really helps, but doing what he did is taking an risk that didn't need to be taken.


What is ORDPRO date?
I didn't know either. I googled it and found a pdf of the Officer Recruiter SOP for the Richmond area. Probably outdated but a good read.

I think the definition is at the bottom of page 12.
ORDPRO - When the program manager reviews the package and approves it to go to the board.

Edit: heres the link
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