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  1. erauresearcher

    Research on egress training - participants needed!

    Good afternoon, I am a military spouse completing my thesis at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. It focuses on success factors of egress training during Navy Aviation Water Survival Training. I would greatly appreciate if all those who have attended egress training complete this short...
  2. Jantzen_Wells

    FREE ASTB Simulator Program (For the Performance Based Measures section)

    Hello Everyone! A buddy of mine and I realized there was no real way to train for the "throttle and stick" portion of the ASTB, so we decided to change that. I'm a computer science major at USNA and I felt like I should use what I know for something useful, so I made a trainer anyone can use...
  3. B

    “Turbine-powered aircraft” for commercial rating

    Hello everyone, sorry if this seems like a dumb question. In order to get a commercial pilot certificate, one of the requirements is 10 hours of training in a complex airplane, or TURBINE POWERED AIRPLANE, or a TAA. My question is, isn’t just about every plane turbine powered? I wouldn’t have to...
  4. jason0231


    The ability for RC personnel to receive retirement points for voluntary completion of correspondence courses is an important aspect of the Navy's Total Force Continuum of Service concept. It enables the Navy to retain personnel with strategically valuable skills, expands the flexible service...
  5. jason0231

    USN FY18 GMT Requirements

    This message provides amplifying guidance to the Reserve Force concerning FY18 General Military Training (GMT) requirements. Due to FY18 changes, the course number for DON Annual Privacy Training has been updated to DOD-PRIV-1.0. Due to accessibility limitations of records stored at the Navy...
  6. jason0231

    USN FY17 GMT Courses - Can anybody find these on NKO?

    ALCON, I am busting through the yearly raft of GMTs for this FY (it seems like there are more every year) but cannot find these anywhere on NKO, NeL, or NETC. If anyone out there in AirWarrior Land can assist, I would be most grateful. CPPD-GMT-PRT-2.0 PHYSICAL READINESS (PRT)...
  7. EAW94

    Marine Corps Flight Options

    I am currently a student at TBS and have a flight contract, so I will go to Pensacola following my graduation here. I was looking to get some information regarding the different flight paths available to me in the Marine Corps. I am recently married as well. I am open to each of the different...
  8. jason0231

    USN Update on Reserve Officer Leadership Training for 2017

    ALCON, The attached is the first in a series of updates regarding Officer Leadership Training and provides coordinating instructions in light of the transition from Advanced Officer Leadership Course (AOLC) to Reserve Intermediate Leadership Course (RILC) effective 1 Jan 2017, and the...
  9. BPeterson93

    USN Qualifying scores in Flight Training?

    Most everybody wants to fly jets, and understandably so. My question is this: does anybody know what the scores or percentiles, in regards to performance, are to qualify to fly jets? Helos? Cargo? Etc. I've not begun OCS yet, but I prefer to have some tangible goals in mind (aside from 'be the...