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“Turbine-powered aircraft” for commercial rating


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Hello everyone, sorry if this seems like a dumb question. In order to get a commercial pilot certificate, one of the requirements is 10 hours of training in a complex airplane, or TURBINE POWERED AIRPLANE, or a TAA. My question is, isn’t just about every plane turbine powered? I wouldn’t have to worry about it being complex or TAA as long as it has an engine?


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Complex = retractable landing gear, controllable pitch propeller, and adjustable flaps.

@ChuckMK23 would know better but I don’t think it is a requirement for a commercial anymore.


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TAA is a requirement, however, if not complex, and plenty of schools have TAA aircraft. Due note that not all aircraft with G5s are TAA, however.


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In 2017 the aeronautical experience requirements under Part 61 for Commercial Pilot Airplane ratings were updated - its now 10 hours in a turbine, complex or TAA airplane - with the highlight on the word 'or'. TAA has its own specific definition - basically means something with PFD and MFD displays. Its important for fledgling aviators to be sure your logbook includes a TAA column...

The TAA thing was a welcome change to Part 61 - people could now train for a Commercial pilot rating more affordably and with less trouble since complex single engine aircraft are a novelty - and between age and insurers reluctance to underwrite, more and more of the GA fleet are fixed gear. Thus a G1000 equipped C172 can get a student up to their Commercial and CFI successfully. And the High Performance is just an endorsement for over 200 hp. The first time a fledgling aviator finds themselves needing a Complex endorsement is with the Commercial Multi Engine add-on...

Uncle FAA considers your T-6/T-34 "safe for solo" your high performance and complex endorsement.... some of the VT's also use a "T-6/T-34 PIC Checkout" logbook stamp and that suffices as well.