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ocs board

  1. G

    CEC Application Process

    I just recieved the news my waiver was accepted and I am medically approved. I am currently waiting for next steps for submitting a package to the CEC board. Does anyone has anyone gone through this process and can outline it or would be able to tell me if I need to prepare a resume or collect...
  2. bigbird


    Not sure what happened to our last thread but this is the re-upload. Here are the most important links: Stat Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1932vWQSoEgJg1xwH-HqnJ0WmPcm5ALAFmNCDOFd7e_c/edit#gid=0 Final Board Selection List:
  3. Mouselovr

    Reapplication process

    Hi! I'm currently applying SNA for the January boards. ASTB 6/7/7 GPA 3.76 My recruiter is pushing me hard to apply for NFO as she's been told they've essentially filled their pilot quota for the year due to COVID issues. I'm only interested in SNA, and I'm more than happy to wait to attend OCS...
  4. E

    Supply Board 07 September 2020

    Hello All, Thought I would start a thread for this most recent supply board - I hope I'm doing this right. The last board took almost 8 weeks to get results, hopefully we will hear sooner than that! Does anyone know if the board met this past week? Best of luck everyone!