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active duty

  1. C

    Active Duty Pay?

    Hello All, I am currently considering my 2nd attempt for a DCO Intel application - I waited a bit as I wanted to finish a few things to strengthen my application. Since my first attempt my life situation has changed (I now have children and my wife has stopped working), such that now the...
  2. A

    OCS Active Duty Enlisted to Commissioning

    Just got a really weird off the wall question. Is there a statistic selection rate for prior service? Like I know that 31 out of 72 got selected for supply during the February board, but out of that how many prior applied and got picked up. Just curious.
  3. J

    OCS OPNAV 1420-1 Questions (Input of anyone who's served on a selection board would be appreciated!)

    Hey everyone, new to posting on the site. I didn't see a specific thread for this when looking so forgive me if I missed it. I'm currently an E-3 Under Instruction at TSC Great Lakes. It's been a rough battle with just about everyone here to be able to submit my package for OCS , but thankfully...
  4. sharkbait1

    Newly Sworn In - Commitment/Service Agreement Question

    Good morning all, Proud to say that I swore into the Navy yesterday! Going SNA, starting OCS in a few weeks. I've spent the last hour looking for an answer here on AW, but can't get recent information for my question. My recruiting office must not be so familiar with aviation candidates, since...