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P-8 Poseidon's Exanding Mission Set


NFO in Jax
Trying to ensure MAC proficiency and currency has proven a total failure, and AAS is insane. I just got AAS qualified and I'm struggling to not suck at it. I feel so bad for our brand new level 300s who are trying to balance just getting good at our core mission sets and then getting good at this too.
You're a DH, that can't be the only thing your struggling to not suck at ;).


Hey guys, I just read an very interesting article about the NAVY potentially expanding the P-8 mission set with new weapons and systems. I'd love to get some insight on this from some P-8 Pilots and NFOs. How's the community mindset on this? Are people really pushing for this or do squadrons just want to keep doing their traditional missions of ASuW [anti-surface warfare], ASW [anti-submarine warfare], and limited ISR [intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance]? Honesty, from a outsider looking in, it seems like expanding the Poseidon's Mission With New Missiles, Mines, Bombs, And Decoys seems like a great idea. What are you guys thoughts?

Absolutely! Need more mission sets for the readiness tracker/ Qual matrix...P-8 squadrons need to work every weekend on their home cycles to get the full VP experience.