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P-8 Poseidon's Exanding Mission Set


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Hey guys, I just read an very interesting article about the NAVY potentially expanding the P-8 mission set with new weapons and systems. I'd love to get some insight on this from some P-8 Pilots and NFOs. How's the community mindset on this? Are people really pushing for this or do squadrons just want to keep doing their traditional missions of ASuW [anti-surface warfare], ASW [anti-submarine warfare], and limited ISR [intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance]? Honesty, from a outsider looking in, it seems like expanding the Poseidon's Mission With New Missiles, Mines, Bombs, And Decoys seems like a great idea. What are you guys thoughts?



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How to separate cool patch wearers from annoying twerps: presence or absence of inordinate freak-outs over irrelevant minutiae.

Other inordinate freakout candidates: calling it AAA vs ADA, or CRM vs TCC.
bogey group or group declared bogey...

As far as I’ve seen, most fall into the category of people that freak out over the minutiae.